There are multiple factors to make a wedding successful, and it’s the little details that count. With guests pouring in to celebrate your special day with you, we have an array of media services provided to keep the party going and a place to look back at these memories once the day is done and dusted - all included in our promise of a “one-stop” concept.
In-house Photographer and Videographer

Smiles and the bustle of your wedding day will be captured by our professional in-house photographer and videographer. Photos and videos will be tastefully taken and edited and promises to be an album of the fondest memories with your loved ones.
Photo BoothPrior to the wedding, to entertain the guests and spice things up a little, we have a Photo Booth service where your guests can let loose and have fun with props and poses. All photos will then be printed instantly and handed to the guests as a little souvenir from your special day. Families, friends and even you can take part in this unlimited-photo spree!
In-house Emcee and Live BandOf course, during the wedding itself, an entertaining emcee and spirited live band is essential to keep the energy high and everyone excited. From planning the sequence of your wedding to making sure everything on stage is set, Cullinan Wedding Co.’s own experienced in-house emcee and live band pledges your wedding to be a night your guests will remember for a long time.